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Curare Art Space, established in 2019, is committed to supporting and showcasing emerging artists from the Philippines. Meaning "to care for," Curare, with a focus on artist formation, curating digital exhibitions, and collaborative curatorial efforts, works closely with contemporary artists and creatives to nurture and bring their artistic visions to life, providing expert guidance and curatorial assistance throughout the entire process.

  • Project Proposal Submission

Artists interested in collaborating with Curare Art Space can submit project proposals for development and exhibition digitally on or onsite at partner exhibition spaces. These proposals should contain essential information, including the project concept, an initial list of project items, production and exhibition considerations, and the artist's CV & portfolio.

  • Project Development & Collaboration

Once a proposal receives approval, the project-in-development stage is activated to support the artist during the production. The duration for completing the project varies based on its specific details and objectives.​ At the heart of Curare's curatorial collaboration is consultation between the artist and the curator, focusing on production and curatorial guidance, and artist formation.

  • Activation

The launch of the exhibition or project takes place on Curare's website or in partner exhibition spaces for a specified period, depending on the project's objectives. Additionally, public programs, whether online or onsite, may be organized.

To submit your project proposals, please send them to

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