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Curare Art Space

Meaning "to care for," CURARE gives artists and creators of all kinds a space to explore the deeply personal in a dynamic online platform. CURARE's e-residency is activated through developmental research and curatorial collaboration. As an art space which focuses on the processes, intentions, and project development of collaborators, Curare hopes to engage with art as life, and offers a space to share human artistic stories.


projects. A collaborative space dedicated for exhibitionary artistic projects of any translatable form activated via the online platform.

studies. A collaborative space dedicated to research-based artistic or curatorial projects to explore the online space as laboratory for process experimentation, audience development, or other.


Upon approval of a project concept, CURARE will coordinate with the Artist in a series of developmental consultations during the e-residency period to develop his or her project for a final output in an online exhibition or documentation. CURARE shall offer expert advice regarding curation, digital exhibitionary formats, conceptualization, and research support to help the Artist develop the online project. In completion and making the exhibition live via, CURARE and the Artist shall hold supplementary activities as needed including marketing or audience development programs.

Project Proposal

The artist submits a proposal for a project to be developed with and exhibited via The proposal shall include the following details: Project Concept, Pertinent Project Details, Initial Object List, Artist's CV, List of Solo Shows and Group Exhibitions.


Once the proposal has been approved, the e-residency is activated via the project-in-development. The allotted time of production for the artist to complete his project shall vary depending on the project details and goals.


Regular collaborative consultation between the artist and the curator regarding production and curatorial directions is the core of CURARE's e-residency.


Depending on the project's goals, the launching of the exhibition or study will be made available via CURARE's website under a specific featured duration.​ Public programs (online or onsite) may also be arranged.

Submit your project proposals to

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